A Review of Assembly Process of Edge LED Backlight with Hard PIN Connection

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Today we are going to introduce an assembly process of edge LED backlight with hard PIN Connection.

First, put the dedicated stainless steel mold onto the surface of the PCB and make the TIN evenly cover on it.

Second, put the PCB into the LED soldering machine and the LEDs will be automatically soldered onto the surface of the PCB by the machine.

Third, let the PCB pass through the reflow soldering machine to make LEDs fixed on the PCB.

Fourth, quality test the LED lamps on the PCB for the next step.

Fifth, put the reflection sheet on a special clamp as the first layer, the light guide plate as the second layer and diffusion sheet as the third layer.

Sixth, put the light blocking film on the edges of the light guide plate by hand.

Seventh, install the PCBs into the two short edges of the light guide plate by hand and glue them.

Eighth, quality test. Check if there is any fault.

Ninth, packing.

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