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You need more than just a display, you need a veteran supplier who has been in the field for 20 years to build your brand and grow your profits. Let DisplayMan help you achieve business success.

Our Products

DisplayMan boasts a wealth of expertise in delivering a captivating array of displays, from sleek monochrome LCDs to cutting-edge TFT LCDs, smart LCD and OLED displays, and even the interactive allure of TFT LCD Touch Screen Displays. Our offerings also include the brilliance of customized LED segment displays. Elevate your visual experience with DisplayMan’s versatile display solutions.

FSTN Dot Matrix and Segment Positive Display Grey Background and Blue Letters COB LCD Module for Electricity Meter.jpg

Monochrome LCD Displays

Unlock affordable excellence with our range of passive monochrome LCD display technologies. Explore character, graphic, COB, and COG LCD modules that redefine cost-efficiency.

TFT LCD Display.jpg

TFT LCD Displays

Discover brilliance with Color TFT LCD Displays up to 75.0" diagonally. Experience high-res visuals, dazzling brightness, and daylight readability with our custom solutions.

4.3 inch 480800 smart lcd display

Smart LCD Displays

DisplayMan's Smart LCD Displays simplify product development by integrating key components, reducing time-to-market, and cutting costs. Join the display innovation with DisplayMan.

5.5 inch AMOLED Phone display HD RGB 720*1280 MIPI 4 lanes interface lcd module flexible oled screen with touch panel 1000.jpg

OLED Displays

Step into the future of displays with DisplayMan's cutting-edge ultra-thin AMOLED & PMOLED modules. Explore a world of vibrant visuals in sizes up to 5.5 inches diagonally – Embrace Innovation, Explore Possibilities, and Upgrade Your Display Today!

yellow led rectangle shape edge led backlight with wire connection

LED Backlights

Elevate your display with DisplayMan's high-quality LED backlight solutions. Illuminate your world with brilliance – Shine Brighter, Choose DisplayMan, and Transform Your Visual Experience Now!

LED Segment Displays

Elevate your display experience with DisplayMan's LED segment displays—crafted for ultimate customization, cost-efficiency, energy savings, durability, and longevity.

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LCD Control Boards

Experience the ultimate control with DisplayMan's LCD Control Boards. Elevate your display performance today – Unleash, Customize, and Succeed!

ili9881c 3.4 inch circular screen with 39 pin 800 800 resolution round lcd touch display 3

TFT LCD Touch Screen Displays

DisplayMan excels in TFT LCD displays with touch panels, offering diverse sizes, resolutions, and customization options. We're your go-to resource for TFT LCD display solutions.

touch screen solution

Touch Solution

Discover the future of interaction with TouchScreenMan's cutting-edge touch screen solutions. Elevate your experience – Touch, Explore, and Transform today!

Quality Views: Powered by AUO, BOE, Tianma & Innolux Displays!

DisplayMan proudly harnesses the precision and brilliance of AUO, BOE, Tianma, and Innolux Displays. Dive into an unparalleled viewing experience, where quality meets clarity. Choose DisplayMan, where the world’s top display brands converge.


Dive into pristine visuals with the high-quality AUO Display. Excellence in every pixel


Discover vibrant clarity with the high-quality Innolux Display. A canvas of brilliance in every frame.


Experience unmatched clarity and brilliance with the high-quality BOE Display. Where innovation meets excellence.


Step into vivid reality with the high-quality Tianma Display. True colors, unparalleled detail.

Why Work With Us

No more endlessly wasting your valuable time on lousy design LCD and OLED display. DisplayMan’s goal is to let you sit back and relax. Our consultant will keep you informed of the production progress throughout and we take care of all the hard works, including trade stuff, clearance, and logistics, etc.

Experienced Team

More than 10 years experience professional engineer team.

High Capacity

More than 10 production lines and can provide 50 thousand pieces of LCD module per day.

Modern Technology

The world’s leading technology and complete sets of imported production equipments.

Strict Quality Control

Implement ISO9001 quality control system to make high-quality standard products.

Diving Deep into the LCD Display Production Process

Crafting an LCD display is an intricate endeavor, encompassing more than 30 meticulous steps from inception to completion. While it’s challenging to cover each one in depth, we’ll provide a detailed look into a few of the most pivotal stages in the production process to offer a clearer understanding of the craftsmanship behind each display.

ITO Glass Washing

Full Automation IC Bonding Machine

Pressing ACF

Gluing IC

Soldering FPC

High Temperature De-bubble Machine

Full Automation PIN Assembly Machine

Full Automation LCD Assembly Machine

Testing LCD Module

Serving ODMs Across Many Industries

At DisplayMan, we prioritize quality and sustainability. Through rigorous material selection and adherence to ISO9001 quality control standards, our products are eco-friendly and ROHS compliant, meeting the diverse industry requirements. Whether your application demands indoor or outdoor usage, we have the expertise to create a tailored solution to suit your specific needs. Trust DisplayMan for reliable and environmentally conscious touch screen and display solutions.

New Custom LCD Display Design Development

01 Communication

To start, you have to elaborate on your specific demands. It is best if you can offer your drawings. From our experience, many of our customers only have a concept in their mind and they ask for a quote or samples directly. This is not how it works. Sometimes a video conference or a face-face conference is necessary before we can fully understand your requirements. It usually involves a lot of questions, such as: 1. What is the application of the products ? 2. What is the timeline you’re working from? 3. What problem do we expect us to solve for you?

02 Design

After the first step, we both have some basic understandings . We pass some projects which are not suitable for us. And we can move on the next step: design. To better service our customers and save both of us some time, we will ask you to fill in some of our online forms. Online form custom LCD module. This is the basic information we have to acquire. If you are not certain about some parameters of custom LCD module, we will make the most reasonable design for you from engineering prospect.

03 Quote

Once the preliminary drawings are approved, we offer an official quotation which includes the unit prices, the tooling fees and the other details. Submit the payment if you are happy with the prices. If you can’t accept the prices, we can go back to step two. we can make it cheaper by simplifying the design. After we receive the payment, we will start to make the official drawings. It usually takes 1 to 3 days.

04 Prototypes

At this stage, we build samples based on tooling orders to justify proof of the concept. We can’t start the prototype process unless you sign on the official drawings. It usually takes 7 to 25 days to finish the samples base on the difficulties.

05 Validation

You as the customer validate the efficacy of the custom design before we agree to move into the larger production. It is normal to make several times of prototypes. One time tooling fee and no extra cost until you are satisfied.
What People Say

Customer Satisfaction

At DisplayMan, we are committed to helping our clients find the right solution for their custom display needs.

Tutorial Videos

Unlock the power of knowledge with DisplayMan’s captivating use of Dr. Pan’s animated tutorials, designed to educate and inspire technical teams within the dynamic display industry. If you’re new to the fascinating world of technical jargon, whether it’s COG, COB, segment, dot matrix, TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VA, or more, Dr. Pan’s introductory tutorials are your gateway to discovering and mastering these essential concepts.

Tutorial: Dr Pan Teaches Why OLED is The Future Display

Tutorial: Dr Pan Teaches TFT LCD Display Module

Tutorial: Dr Pan Teaches FSTN LCD Screen

Production Videos

Explore the mesmerizing journey of our products with DisplayMan! Step behind the scenes as we unveil the intricate production processes of COG LCD modules, COB LCD modules, hybrid LCD structures, dazzling LED backlight modules, and more.

A Review of Assembly Process of LCD Module Hybrid Structure with Membrane Switch Butto

A Review of Assembly Process of LCD Module Hybrid Structure with LEDs on the PCB

A Review of Assembly Process of LED Segment Display for Thermometer

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At DisplayMan, we empower you to transform your display concept into a tangible reality. Seamlessly navigate the journey with our support and expertise. Discover the perfect display solution that brings your vision to life and captivates consumers worldwide. From high-resolution screens to innovative touch panels, we have the solutions to meet your unique requirements. Trust us to make your display dreams a reality that leaves a lasting impression.

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