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Behind the Screen: AUO and DisplayMan's Story

Have you ever paused to think about the tech that powers the vibrant screens of your devices? Welcome to the world of AUO displays, distributed by none other than DisplayMan. At the heart of DisplayMan’s offerings lie the TFT display modules, sourced from top-tier manufacturers like AUO.

AUO, or AU Optronics Corporation, has firmly established itself as a global forerunner in the realm of optoelectronic solutions. Did you know that this titan was born in 2001 from the union of Acer Display Technology, Inc. and Unipac Optoelectronics Corporation? With its base in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, AUO’s influence spreads worldwide.

AUO's core Display Technologies:

As we look back, AUO emerges as a true front-runner in the world of display innovation, gifting the industry with a plethora of revolutionary technologies. Let’s delve deeper into each of these monumental achievements:

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes)

These are not just any regular displays. OLEDs are akin to the master painters of the Renaissance era. They paint our digital canvases with vivid colors and sharper contrasts. Their swift image-refresh capabilities make on-screen movement silky smooth. Moreover, thanks to their flexible nature, they're revolutionizing the forms and shapes screens can take, introducing curves and bends in our devices.

Mini LED

Picture this - a world where the deep blacks of OLED meet the familiar reliability of LCDs. The Mini LED is that harmonious world. Acting as a bridge, it masterfully combines the strengths of both OLED and traditional LCDs. It offers eye-catching brightness, ensuring images and videos pop, while also delivering deep, immersive contrasts to enrich every viewing experience.

QD-OLED (Quantum Dot OLED)

This is where science meets art. By fusing the vibrant color capabilities of quantum dots with the dynamic range of OLEDs, QD-OLED emerges as a superstar. It promises a visual treat with colors so pure and bright, they're reminiscent of a painter's freshest palette, ready to create a masterpiece.

Micro LED

These are the unsung heroes in the world of displays. Though minuscule in size, these LEDs are giants when it comes to performance. They promise a dazzling array of brightness, ensuring screens remain visible even in the harshest light. Their prolonged lifespan means they're a trusted companion for the long haul, and their energy efficiency ensures our devices consume less and perform more.

TFT-LCD (Thin-Film-Transistor Liquid-Crystal Displays)

They're the backbone of the modern display era. TFT-LCDs are the trusty steeds we've ridden into the digital age. Versatile, reliable, and found in a plethora of devices, from our work monitors to our home TVs. They utilize a special transistor technology to enhance image quality, making everyday viewing a pleasure.

AUO's Vision and Mission

When it comes to charting the course for the future, AUO isn’t in the dark. Their aspirations and goals are as clear as their displays. Let’s understand their guiding principles:


Imagine a world where optoelectronic solutions break boundaries, and innovation knows no limit. That’s the world AUO envisions. Their aim? To stand atop the industry as the most forward-thinking creator of integrated optoelectronic solutions.

picture a world where the magic of optoelectronics goes beyond what we know, tearing down walls and setting new standards. This is the dream world AUO sees in its mind’s eye. In this world, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the heartbeat of progress. And what is AUO’s goal in this vast landscape of possibility? It’s straightforward: they aspire to rise, to be the guiding light, and to lead the industry by being the most imaginative and dedicated force in crafting all-encompassing optoelectronic solutions.


But how do they plan to reach this zenith? Their mission breaks it down. It’s a threefold approach:

    1. Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology to innovate like never before.
    2. Ensure every operation, big or small, is executed with unmatched excellence.
    3. Keep ears to the ground and engage actively with all stakeholders, ensuring a symbiotic relationship that benefits all.

AUO Core Values:

AUO is built upon a foundation of unwavering integrity, ceaseless innovation, unwavering accountability, and intense passion. Their commitment to honesty, forward-thinking solutions, reliability, and fervor not only sets them apart but ensures they consistently deliver value to every stakeholder. They stand as a beacon of trust and ingenuity in their domain.

At the heart of AUO is a golden rule: absolute honesty. It isn't merely a guideline; it's the fabric of their very being. They believe in transparent communication and ethical actions at every juncture.

Think of a river, ever-flowing, never still. That's AUO's spirit when it comes to innovation. They continuously challenge the status quo, introducing novel ideas and pioneering solutions, ensuring they're always a step ahead in the game.

Picture a trusted friend, one who keeps every promise. That's AUO for you. Commitment isn't taken lightly here. When they set a goal or make a promise, they stand by it, delivering with precision and reliability.

Imagine a flame, unwavering and intense, lighting up everything around it. That flame embodies AUO’s passion. A fervent drive propels them, fueling their endeavors to create unparalleled value for all users.

AUO's Reach Across the Globe

When we talk about AUO, we’re talking about a company with a strong footprint in every corner of the world:

Research and More

AUO isn’t just about selling products. They dig deep, researching and innovating at their many R&D centers. It’s here they dream up the future of displays.

Making Ideas Real

After dreaming, they get to work. Their manufacturing facilities turn ideas into real products that people can use and love.

Everywhere for Everyone

No matter where you are—be it in Asia, Europe, or the Americas—you’ll find AUO. With sales offices spread out globally, they ensure everyone has access to their top-quality displays.

AUO's Dedication to a Greener Tomorrow

AUO isn’t just about making displays; they’re about making a difference:

A Green Commitment

AUO believes in doing business the right way. That means caring for the planet, supporting communities, and always thinking of the future. They are known for their dedication to green manufacturing and responsible growth.

Awards and Recognition

It's not just talk; the world has noticed AUO's efforts. They've received global praise for their hard work in protecting the environment and pushing forward with sustainable practices.

Transparent Leadership

AUO knows trust is key. They maintain clear and open corporate rules to ensure they're always on the right path

Working Together

AUO doesn't work in isolation. They team up with partners, listen to feedback, and make sure they act ethically in every way.

what makes us different

The Brilliance of AUO's Vehicle Displays

Ever had one of those moments while driving, where the sun’s glare made it nearly impossible to discern what your car’s display was showing? We’ve all been there. But with the advent of AUO’s cutting-edge automotive panels, those days are becoming a memory.

Here’s a more detailed look into what makes these displays stand out:

High Resolution

Imagine having a screen where each tiny dot, each pixel, plays a significant role. With AUO's high-resolution screens, clarity isn’t just an advantage; it's a guarantee. Every detail, from navigation maps to media controls, is presented with utmost precision.

Wide Viewing Angle

No more shifting to the side or tilting your head for a clearer view. Whether you're in the driver's seat or a passenger at the back, AUO's screens are designed to offer a consistent and clear view from almost any angle. It's like having a personal screen, no matter where you sit.

Sunlight Readability

Those frustrating moments under the blazing sun? They're history! AUO’s high brightness feature ensures that even on the sunniest days, the display remains vivid and readable. Say goodbye to unnecessary squints and focus on what's essential.

Crisp and Clear

With their high contrast ratio, these screens ensure that you get sharp images, where colors are more vibrant, blacks are deeper, and whites are brighter. It’s like bringing the vividness of a high-end TV right into your car.

Elegant Aesthetics

Beyond functionality, design matters. The slim design of AUO’s panels adds a modern touch to any vehicle's interior, reflecting not just innovation but also style. It’s tech that doesn’t just work well but looks great too.

Adaptable to Conditions

Weather can be unpredictable. But AUO’s panels? They're consistent performers. Whether faced with a chilly morning frost or the intense heat of a summer afternoon, they remain resilient, ensuring your car's display is always in prime condition.

How AUO Transforms Your Driving Experience with Modern Displays

Driving today is about more than just getting from one place to another. It’s about enjoying every moment, staying informed, and ensuring safety. This is where AUO’s automotive displays come into play, enhancing various aspects of your vehicle:

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Dashboard Insights with Instrument Cluster Displays

Imagine having all the essential information you need right in front of you. From how fast you're going to how much fuel is left, these displays ensure you're always in the know.

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Navigating and Entertainment on Center Information Displays

Gone are the days of fumbling with maps. These screens in the middle of your dashboard help with directions and even let you play your favorite tunes or podcasts.

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Stay Safe with Head-Up Displays (HUDs)

These are real game-changers. Without looking away from the road, you can see vital data projected onto your windshield. It's like having your car speak to you, making sure you don't miss anything important.

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Entertainment Right Behind You

Long drives can be tedious for passengers. But with Rear Seat Entertainment, those at the back can watch movies, play games, or listen to music, making road trips a lot more fun.

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A Modern Touch with Mirror Replacement

Imagine swapping out old-school mirrors for sleek displays. Not only do they look futuristic, but they also come with added features to improve safety and functionality.

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Why Choose AUO Automotive Displays?

Driving is more than just turning the wheel; it’s about ensuring everyone inside the vehicle is safe while also enjoying a pleasant journey. With the advent of modern tech, AUO’s automotive displays step in to provide benefits that make every trip worthwhile:

Safety First and Always

One of the biggest worries while driving is distraction. AUO addresses this with their clear and easy-to-read displays. They offer the needed information without making the driver look away for too long, ensuring that the main focus remains on the road.

A Delightful Drive

Think of a screen that responds smoothly, displays vivid visuals, and integrates perfectly with your car's system. That's what AUO brings to the table. Their displays are designed to provide an intuitive and enjoyable user experience, making every touch and interaction feel just right.

More Room to Relax

Who doesn't like a bit of extra space in their car? With AUO's slim and sleek display design, not only does your car get a modern touch, but it also ensures that there's more interior room for you and your passengers to feel comfortable.

DisplayMan and AUO: A Perfect Match for Your Automotive Display Needs

Have you ever wished for a car display tailored just for you? That’s where DisplayMan steps in. As a leading maker of automotive displays, they’ve teamed up with the experts at AUO to create the ideal screen solution:

Hand-in-Hand with AUO

DisplayMan doesn't just make displays; they craft solutions that fit like a glove. By joining forces with AUO, they listen to what you need and turn those wishes into a reality, making displays that match your exact requirements.

Tailored for Every Drive

Not every car or driver is the same, and neither should their displays be. DisplayMan gets that. They offer a whole range of screen specs. Whether it's sharper resolution for clearer maps or brighter screens for sunny days, they've got something for every kind of drive.

Support Every Step of the Way

Setting up a new display can sound like a big job, but with DisplayMan, you're not alone. They ensure that the transition is smooth, offering all the help you might need to get your new screen running at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AUO displays stand out due to their exceptional image quality, wide viewing angles, energy efficiency, and robustness. Their continuous pursuit of innovative technologies keeps them at the cutting edge of the display industry.

Yes, AUO offers displays with high brightness levels and anti-glare coatings, making them well-suited for outdoor digital signage and rugged environments.

Absolutely! AUO displays are commonly found in smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, and other consumer electronic devices, enriching the user experience.

AUO prioritizes sustainability by developing energy-efficient displays, reducing materials’ environmental impact, and implementing responsible manufacturing practices.

AUO implements rigorous quality control measures, including thorough testing and inspections, to ensure the highest level of product quality and reliability.

Yes, AUO maintains a strong commitment to research and development, constantly exploring new technologies like Micro-LED displays and innovative form factors.

DisplayMan and AUO: Teamwork Lights the Way

In the vast landscape of optoelectronic innovations, the alliance between DisplayMan and AUO emerges as a beacon of collaboration, excellence, and vision. Together, they weave a narrative that is not just about individual advancements, but collective progression. From pioneering TFT-LCDs to breaking new ground with OLED, their combined efforts have pushed boundaries and set industry benchmarks. What truly elevates their partnership is the harmonization of AUO’s technological prowess with DisplayMan’s consumer insights and dedication. This synergy ensures that every product they release is more than just a piece of technology; it’s a commitment. A commitment to quality, sustainability, and a future that’s not only brighter but also clearer for all. When you witness the magic of their displays, whether in the palm of your hand or on a grander scale, you’re experiencing the culmination of two giants working in perfect harmony.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@displayman.com”