The Comparison of TN, HTN, STN, FSTN LCD

The Comparison of TN HTN STN FSTN LCD

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Advantage cheapest cheaper a wide view angle have all the advantages of STN
widely used a wider view angle than TN diversity of display mode a better background color
easy to produce easy to produce It can realize multi-channel drive and large amount of display information
best effect in displaying Black and white
Disadvantage a narrow view angle a narrow view angle a few more manufacturing process have all the disadvantages of STN
simple display mode ordinary display effect a high requirement for raw material a higher cost than STN
low contrast ratio low contrast ratio a high requirement for manufacturing process and equipment
The liquid crystal molecules twist angle 90 degrees 110 degrees 210-255 degrees 210-255 degrees
Contrast ratio acceptable good better best
Bios statics-1/4 1/8-1/16 1/16 above 1/64 above
Display positive grey background and black letter grey background and black letter yellow and green background and black letter (yellow and green  film) grey background and black letter
negative grey background and white letter grey background and white letter blue background and white letter (blue film) grey background and white letter
Price cheapest cheaper cheap high
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